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I am happy to take commissions ... I enjoy making a quilt which is personal to you...

  •        If you would like to commission a quilt, please contact me by e.mail using the enquiries form. 
  •        I will then contact you personally to discuss your requirements in more detail
  •       When the size, design, colours and price of the quilt have been agreed, I will require a 50% deposit to secure the order
  •       I can e-mail photos of the quilt as it is created so that you can see it progress
  •       Please allow 4-6 weeks for your quilt
  •       A copy of my terms and conditions will be sent in reply to your enquiry ( includes details of postage & packing)


A range of quilt sizes is available including:

Baby quilt / play mat - measures approx 38"x34"(97 x 87 cm)

Price: from £60

First cot quilt - measures approx 38"x 42" (97 x 107 cm)

Price: from £80

Small bed quilt - measures approx 45"x 60" (115 x 152 cm)

Price: from £120-150 dependent on the design

Lap quilt - measures approx 45"x x 60 " (115 x 152 cm)

Price: from £90 - £150 dependent on the design.

Single bed quilt- measures approx 54"x 64" (138 x 162 cm)

Price: from £220

Double bed quilt - measures approx 62" x 78" (158 x 198cm)

Price: £450

Quillow - lap quilt that converts to a pillow

measures approx 45"x 60" ( 115 x 152 cm)

Price: £120 - £150

Memory quilt - made from your recycled clothes - any of the sizes above.

Price: £100-200 dependent on size and design

The sizes above are approximate as the finished size of the quilts varies according to each individual design.

Postage and packing is extra.

There are more details and photos different quilt options on the 'Quilt Sizes ' page.

There are hundreds of beautiful fabrics to choose from for your quilt...

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