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                 Here are details of the different quilt sizes available...

Baby Quilts

As well as being lightweight blankets, baby quilts can be used as play mats; they are great for little ones to stretch out on, and for tummy time.

They measure about 32" x 38"

(82 x 97 cm} and are usually made from bright colourful fabrics that will suit both boys and girls.

If I have any baby quilts already available to buy they will be featured on the

'For Sale' page

Please allow 3 weeks if you commission a baby quilt.

Price: from £60 dependent on design


             Cot or first bed Quilts

           These quilts are a little bigger than a                  baby quilt and are ideal for a child's cot

            or small bed.

           They measure from 38" x 42"                              ( 97 x 107 cm) to around 45" x 60"                    (115 x 154 cm)

         Designs often feature fun fabrics with                themes such  as animals, bugs,                         vehicles, or balloons.

         Your child's name can also be appliqued           onto the quilt.

         Price: £95-120 dependent on

         size and design

Lap Quilts

Lap quilts are my most popular quilts - for both adults and children.

They are really versatile around the home and can be used in many ways such as a blanket to cuddle up on the sofa, or a beautiful wall hanging.

They roll up small enough to take in the car for extra warmth or to use as a picnic rug. They are beautiful, hard wearing and washable.

They measure around 45" x 60"

(115 x 154 cm) and there are some available to buy on the

'For Sale' page.

Price: £90-150 dependent on design

                  More lap quilts...



           A Quillow is a lap quilt which folds                    cleverly into a pillow.

          It's a stealth quilt, as my son says!

         So, you can have the comfort and                     warmth of a unique blanket, and then              fold it awa into a pillow to save space.

        Perfect for keeping on the sofa or

        in the car.   

        Different designs are available,

        A quillow measures around 48" x 60"

        (122 x 152 cm)

         Price: from £120

Memory Quilts

Precious memories captured in a quilt

Memory quilts take quilting back to its roots. Originally, quilts were made from scrap pieces of fabric from feed sacks or clothing, sewn together to make a warm blanket.

A memory quilt incorporates your child's clothing into a beautiful quilt.

If you would like to commission a memory quilt please contact me to discuss this further.

I can then advise you on how many garments will be needed for the size of quilt you would like. Once you have sent me the items, I can begin to build them into the quilt design.

Memory quilts are a wonderful way to hold onto treasured memories for many years to come.

I can also make adult versions from precious T- shirts or other clothing.

Prices from £120 dependent on size


            Single Bed Quilts

              A single bed quilt can be used as a decorative bedspread, and also to give

             extra warmth in winter,

             Single bed quilts measure about 50" x 64" (138 x 163 cm)

             I make most of these to order only as they are larger and take longer to complete.

              Please contact me to discuss your preferred colours and designs.

              Prices around £200-220

            Some examples of single bed quilts...


               Double bed or Kingsize


              These bigger quilts are available on request, so that you can choose your preferred colours...

This beautiful double bed sized quilt was commissioned as a wedding present. The request was for maps and butterflies in soft colours.

Tiny butterflies were appliqued onto pale map fabric, and blocks were arranged in a diagonal pattern.

The quilt was backed with a stunning map fabric.

There were tears of joy at the wedding when this gift was opened by the bride!

Double bed : from £400

Kingsize bed: from £500




              A stunning double bed sized quilt, featuring

             beautiful peacock fabric and shades of turquoise,                 creating a calm mood for the bedroom






An unashamedly Welsh king sized bed quilt commissioned for a birthday.

The central dragon is surrounded by coloured borders and daffodils.

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