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Happy Customers


             Here are some happy customers comments....

Dutch Lily Tulips Quilt

Each lily tulip was handdrawn, cut out and appliqued onto the white background. The colour palette of bright pink, orange, red and yellow echoes the colours of the real tulips.

"Thank you, it's beautiful and we will treasure the memories it brings"



           Jonah's Quilt

         Whales appliqued onto a seaside scene background

         in gentle shades and blue and white.


        "Thank you so much, it's a gorgeous gift we will treasure

        for many years"


         Josh and Suzy

Wedding Day Memory Quilt

Incorporating the special features of a daughter's wedding;

precious memories captured in a quilt.

" It's beautiful, thank you so much"


        'Puzzle Quilt'

Complex cutting and clever colour piecing have created this puzzle quilt in beautiful shades of purple and blue.  

There are three sets of identical pairs.

" It's a work of art"

  Mr De Rothschild

Bee-spoke Quilts.JPG

Quilted Headboard - Chevron Design

A quilted headboard, made to hang on a cafe rail behind the bed.

Clevre layout of the fabrics creaets the Chevron design

"It's really lovely! Thank you"


         French Braid Bed Quilts:

        In carefully graded shades of blue, accented with raspberry pink

        and a touch of gold. Two of these quilts were made to cover a                        large double bed

        "They are really beautiful, thank you"


James' Quilt

"Absolutely beautiful, really pleased with it. 

I will be sure to let everyone know where it has been made!"



        Rowan's Quilt

        "Wow! it's even more amazing than

        I imagined.

        Thank you so much" Karen


        Here is little Rowan enjoying his quilt!

        Arthur's Memory Quilt

        "Thank you so daughter loves the quilt"


         Made from a selection of outgrown baby clothes

'Thank you Jacqueline, it's super'

Dominique ( France)

Made from a precious grandmother's tablecloths



"Dachshunds in Pink"


      Featuring Dachshunds and many shades of pink,

as requested.



"I love it!" Celina ( Australia)


                  " I love it. I love the shiny bits, I love the peacock feathers, I love the map, it's the nicest present I've had"








Here is baby Pearl enjoying her new playmat. The theme was London life. 

"It's amazing...thank you"










             Featuring unicorns in pretty shades of pink and purple.

            "It's amazing, thank you, thank you , thank you!"










Beach Huts and Thurlestone Rock, Devon Quilt

" Thank you very much; I'm sure it will be greatly admired"



         Family Memory Quilt

         Family photos were printed onto fabric and incorporated into the          design of this Memory quilt.

        2I absolutely LOVE IT, and my family love it. Thank you for all

        your work"













Beach Hut Wallhanging

"The quilt arrived today thank you. It is really lovely. Another satisfied customer"







       Colour Therapy

        " Thank you SO MUCH for the wonderful quilt"








'Wild Balloons'

" a huge heartfelt thanks for all your hard work invested in the beautiful quilt which we both love...we will have no hesitation in singing your praises to family and friends alike"

Gaynor and Chris








    'Impressions of Lincolnshire'

     Each detailed picture was carefully created and appliqued

     onto a background.


     'It's fabulous...thank you so much. It is going to make such

      a unique and personal gift for my friends in Canada'






'Cats Eyes'

"Wow, wow, wow it looks beautiful....I really can't thank you enough for your beautiful craft work"



        'Rainbow bed runner'







'Oh it's lovely...the colours are just right and I like the butterflies.

It will look good on my bed...I'm going to show it to my friends'






Baby Charlie's Car Quilt

' Thank you so is lovely to be able to give such a special and unique christening gift'









            'Balloon Ride'

         "Absolutely lovely, thank you!







        Baby Lara's Quilt

        "Wow it's really beautiful - I'm so pleased with how it

          has turned niece will love it"



         'Made for Joy' memory quilt



"Dad loves his quilt. Thank you for all the thought and time you ​put into it.

It's a wonderful way to remember Mum"


Made from clothing from a beloved wife


         Songbirds in Springtime


     'Oh it's so beautiful...I love it the colours...I'm going to put it

       there on my chair. Thank you so much.'





'Paloma Peacock'

'Oh, it's so beautiful...I'm going to hang it up on my wall so I can look at it every day. It will cheer me up, and remind me of my friend who gave me the money for something special'






'Safari Animals'

Here is David looking very pleased with his own personalised bed quilt.

It features a wonderful range of safari animals, accented with squares and borders in a 

co-ordinating colour scheme.

This is a surprise birthday gift which he will use and treasure for many years to come.





'The Next Adventure'

Here you can see a beautiful bride admiring her wedding quilt which featured

maps and butterflies in delicate colours.

She was really thrilled with it as a wedding present-there were tears of joy !




'Ella's Memory Quilt'

Here is little Ella exploring her Memory Quilt - made from outgrown clothes.

It is a cuddly quilt full of treasured precious memories which will last her for many years.

Her Mum said:

"It is so beautiful; you are so clever with colours. Thank you."


       'Tony & Tanya's Wedding Quilt'





This quilt features fabrics that match the couples varied interests.

Camper vans and beach huts are appliqued onto the border.


"It was their favourite gift at the wedding- they 

loved it"



              'Giggle and Grow'





Here is newborn baby James on his new quilt.

He thinks it is very comfortable !







Jungle Fun'


Baby Joshua enjoying his playmat...

His Mum Kelly says it's great and he uses it a lot.

The quilt features cute little jungle animals with colourful borders.




'Ladybird, ladybird'


       ' I love my ladybird quilt- I snuggle up under it every day on the sofa'



                      'Coastal Walk'







Handmade beach huts have been appliqued onto a seaside landscape.

Made for a friend recovering from cancer to bring her cheer.


"It's the most beautiful gift I've ever been 

given - I love it!



            'Sam's cug Quilt'


           A memory quilt made from outgrown clothes


      "Sam really loves his quilt and I enjoy looking at all the

       baby clothes and telling him what they are.

        You are so clever, thank you"



                'Hannah's Travels'








"I love the colours in this quilt...and it is so light it fits in my suitcase wherever I go,

and reminds me of home"










                         A Dog's Life

"It's just like my daughter's dog - she will love it so much,..

              oh and more dogs on the back too! "



                          'The Cat's Chorus'





" Thank you so much for my beautiful quilt. I love the cats and music...

I need some colour in my life! I will have to keep Daisy the cat from curling up on it now."





               ' Melody Maker'





" I really love my quillow! The cheerful colours really brighten up my room, and I'm always spotting new patterns in the fabric that I didn't notice before.

Such a lovely item, it always makes me smile!"



               'Beach Hut Parade'





                 " Oh I LOVE, LOVE the quilt! It's perfect, just what I've                             been after, Thank you so much"



                    'Forest Walk'








"It's ​my quilt- look there are collie dogs on it!"

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