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          Here are some of my quilts...


                If you see a design you like please contact me to discuss alternative colour options

                or any other personalised details...


'She Sells Seashells'

'Summer Butterflies'

'Jungle Bright'

'Peacock Braid'

'Kittens Galore'

'Counting Sheep'

'Curious Cats'


'Counting Sheep'

'Tumbling Mice'

Poppies jacket

Gardener's Delight'

'Dachshunds in Pink'

'Swarm of Bees'

'Best Friends'


' Puzzle Quilt'

'Summer Bees'

'Night Owls'

'Birds of Paradise'

William's Quilt 

'Running Pheasants'

'Something Fishy'

'Flying High'

'Beach Huts'

'Jungle Fun'

'Ladybird, Ladybird'

'Dragonfly Delight'

'Up, Up and Away'

'Southwold Memories'

'Tiffany Glass'

'Forest Walk'

'Happy French Hens'

'Sam's Memory Quilt'

'Galloping Wild Horses'

'Dawn Chorus'

'Old MacDonald'

'Man's Best Friend'

'Beach Hut Parade'


'Busy as a Honey Bee'

'Scandi Christmas'

'Bon Voyage'

'Rainbow Flight'

Angharad's wedding Quilt

' Ella's Memory Quilt '

'Safari Adventure'

'Whimsical Rabbits'

'Traffic Jam'

'Woodland Friends'

'Running Whippets'

'Paloma Peacock'

'Songbirds in Spring'

'Impressions of Lincolnshire'

Dutch heritage Quilt

'Bee-strong' for Manchester

'Rainbow of Memories'

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